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This is where I share musings across five categories of life: cultivation, connection, creativity, constitution, and currency. You can learn more about them here.

You can also see what I'm up to now and check out my word of the year. ~Christin

Jekyll Tags for Github Pages

I was stuck on generating tags for posts using Jekyll hosted by Github Pages. Github Pages is great because it is free and integrated into the github’s version control, but they do not allow most Ruby Gems like…jekyll-tags! After a lot of hunting on the internet, I would like to sing some praises for these instructions by Long Qian, because they were the only ones that worked for me in a straightforward way.

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Updated Website Look and Feel

I took some time to properly set up a web developer environment with this useful shell script. I was using the Github web editor (!) which without live preview, made it very challenging to update the CSS. But now I’m all set up to develop locally and git push to the server when ready!

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My Codex Vitae

I recently published my Codex Vitae (life principles) on Rickshaw, a budding online community. Check it out here! We are still figuring out how federation/re-posting would work between our personal sites and the Rickshaw, so I’m just doing a quick link to the page for now.

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A Fool's Reflection on Hearth and Mastery

What is A Fool’s Reflection?

This year I had chosen “Hearth” as my Word for 2020 (read more about it here.) It is recommended that one conducts A Fool’s Reflection around April 1st, as an arbitrarily-timed check-in for one adherence to the herald set forth. So like what a lot of habit-building books advise, reviewing one’s actions after ~3 months and adjust as necessary.

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An Ode to The Rhone and Gladhill Fam

I have been an avid reader of Patrick Rhone’s writing for more than a decade. This ranged from his famous blog, Minimal Mac, to his published works. I make it a point to re-read Some Thoughts About Writing and This Could Help every year to reinvigorate my spirit. Even now, I follow his personal blog and his site dedicated to analog writing tools called The Cramped. I subsume his wife Bethany Gladhill’s blog too, as she is an equally fantastic writer. I enjoy getting a glimpse at their family’s cozyness, like when they make lefse together for Christmas. Their daughter will become president one day.

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Blood type and COVID-19 susceptability

My friend Vicki Tan had kindly shared my thoughts on recent news about how people with type A blood may have a higher risk of acquiring COVID-19 (i.e. “coronavirus”) and type O blood may have a lower risk. Is that really the case? Check out the twitter thread here.

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