Embodied but Abandoned Words for 2021

bamboo 🎍
implied prolific and multi-purpose nature
awkward to incorporate into daily language, perhaps too "sprouty" and out-of-control
chief πŸͺΆ
regal, a good sense of self-worth
vulnerable to the trappings of judging oneself by success/failure
mercury βš•οΈ
matched how I feltβ€”very busy these days, lots of activity, implied focus on commerce and communication
made me feel agitated (mercurial!)
evergreen 🌲
broad-stroked, too static
bonsai πŸͺ΄
beautiful, balance of divergence and convergence
too deliberate and an attempt at manipulating nature/circumstances, finicky
root πŸ₯•
grounding, implied direction towards nourishing qualities/habits and moving away from non-nourishing ones, implied investigation of one's ancestral roots
too entangled, too secluded and dark