The Five Lightbulbs Starter Kit

The Five Lightbulbs Starter Kit

Welcome to the World of The Five Lightbulbs!

The Five Lightbulbs is a new messaging framework that will help you sell your product or service. Use it to craft a marketing message that is clear, complete, and compelling.

We’ve included three goodies below to help you get started with the Lightbulbs. For more, join our email newsletter at

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💡 Starter Kit Item #1 - The Five Lightbulbs One-Pager

Use this one-pager as a reference guide. Keep it by your side, and also share it with your team members and friends to explain The Five Lightbulbs.

💡Starter Kit Item #2 - The Five Lightbulb Worksheet

Do you have a clear, complete, and compelling marketing message? This worksheet will help you conduct an audit. Run your product through it and see how you stack up.

💡 Starter Kit Item #3 - The Five Lightbulbs Swipe File

One of the best ways to learn the language of the Lightbulbs is to study examples.

The table below will help you start building your own Five Lightbulbs swipe file. What’s a swipe file? It’s a collection of great advertising. Come across an ad you enjoy? Add it to your swipe file!

The table below was created here in Notion, but you can recreate it wherever you wish:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Evernote

We like Notion because it’s easy to tag and organize your ad examples. But it’s up to you!


  1. To get you started, we seeded your swipe file with ten excellent ad examples. Browse those first.
  2. As you come across advertising, marketing, or copywriting you enjoy, take a screenshot and add it to your swipe file.
  3. When you’re creating your own marketing material, and feel stuck, glance at your swipe file. Let it inspire you.

My Five Lightbulbs Swipe File

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We’re creating a movement. Everyone needs to learn marketing, and for too long it’s been inaccessible.

Our mission is to make marketing easier, more fun, and more profitable for everyone.

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Billy Broas

Creator of The Five Lightbulbs