Small Bets: Working Out Loud

Small Bets: Working Out Loud


Credibility and Attention Stack

Small Bets

2022-05-04 to 2022-05-18

  • Debug Your Meditation
    • Quiz + 1 pager diagnostic
    • Gumroad book (set up pre-order page with good copy)
    • 1:1 coaching (15 min like Michelle’s Unstuck in 15)
  • Medical Marketing Masterclass
    • Medicare “Donut hole” (film 1 video + 1 trailer, post on LinkedIn, gumroad)

Want to learn/execute

10 Things About Me

  1. I have greek toes (2nd toe is longer than the 1st toe) and I can also crack my first toe infinitely.
  2. I enjoy powerlifting, and have done olympic lifting in the past, and some CrossFit.
  3. I like tiny instruments like the ukulele (though I go through cycles of intense practicing and abandoning them and forgetting how to play!)
  4. I forage for morels and porcinis in the wild, along with other edible plants and such, and fish for trout in the mountains.
  5. I am an ultralight backpacking gear nerd (YouTube video in the works!)
  6. I speak Cantonese, Mandarin, a bit of Malay/Bahasa Indonesia. Grew up in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Los Angeles.
  7. I was once stranded at a lake with 50 other people because a mud slide blocked the only road out of the area, once got hypothermia while hiking in the Sierras and a snowstorm hit us, once got hit by a sneaker wave off Santa Cruz and almost got washed away...hrmm...too many death defying stunts to name outside of the online life oops.
  8. I’ve been making websites since I was in middle school handcoding HTML in notepad, but now I’m lazy and use no-code tools. If I could freeze time, I would use the time to work on my website hahaha. I did a udacity course on AI and coded a flower classifier and want to use this skill in a small bet some time 🤔
  9. I’m into Buddhism but lately revisiting the Christian faith and trying to learn all I can about multifaith chaplaincy and intermingling of both schools of thought throughout history.
  10. I’ve probably taken more CBCs and online courses than most at this point (Write of Passage, Writing Studio with Michael Dean, Build a Second Brain, Sasha Chapin’s Hate Writing Less, Michael Ashcroft’s Expanding Awareness, Maven’s CBC on how to make a CBC, Corey Wilk’s Intentional Life Design...)

Insights from group

  • Ayush - sales funnels create continuous “problems” to be uncovered for the user