SEO Tips


In truth, I haven't even had time to go through these myself yet! But I've been hoarding these tips.

Brainbank - 11 1-liners to Improve SEO:

1. Add your domain to Google's Search Console (how to)

2. Generate a xml site map & submit it to Google Search Console (how to)

  • I use Webflow, they generate it for me.

3. Add SSL cert

  • Https versus http
  • Done through web host or site builder

4. Compress images before adding to your site (free compressor)

5. Use alt tags to describe images

6. Link your pages to each other internally

  • Makes it easier for search engines to crawl your site
  • ~3-4 internal links/1500 words is solid

7. In general, shorter URLs are better

8. Don't put dates in URLs

9. Use max of 2 folders in URLs

10. Set Open Graph image, title, & description

  • This is what's shown on social/sms when someone shares your pages
  • Set through your site builder (webflow, wordpress, ghost, wix, etc.)

11. Set title tag & meta description

  • What's shown on search engines when someone looks up your pages
  • Set through your site builder (webflow, wordpress, ghost, wix, etc.)
  • Make title tag aligned with your H1 on the page

I didn't mention keywords.

But I plan on writing on them once I have a strategy that works.

You can vote for keyword strategy below : )


  • Enter your domain, get a free report on how to improve your site
  • See how Google sees your site (pure HTML, for more technical people)

Know someone starting a new blog or site? You can text them this card here : )

Jordan O’Connor Talk

  • SEO can reach people who don’t use social media
    • Taboo topics people don’t want to talk about
  • YouTube and text do well
  • Use long-tail key words


note that he specifies “free chapter”