Relating Between the Lines: Your Pop-Up Workshop Hub
Relating Between the Lines: Your Pop-Up Workshop Hub

Relating Between the Lines: Your Pop-Up Workshop Hub

We're excited you're joining our Pop-up Workshop Series: šŸ¤Æ 4 Counterintuitive Mindsets to Improve your Relationships. 

This page is designed for you to deepen your understanding of the counterintuitive mindsets.

Bookmark this page and check it after the sessions because we'll be updating them with resources for you to make the most out of the experience. 

šŸŒˆ Norman and Stephanie

Resources for the Pop-Up Workshops


After each workshop, we add visual essays and recordings from the session so you can improve your relationships.

Pop-Up Workshop 1: On Thin Ice
Pop-Up Workshop 2: Calling the Shots
Pop-Up Workshop 3: Silent Treatment

šŸ˜’ Pop-Up Workshop 4: No Hard Feelings

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Our Mission

At Relating Between the Lines, we believe everyone deserves to feel belonging, be understood, and know how to express their care to people they love. We create Michelin-star learning experiences to help people make the most out of their relationships for the rest of their lives.

Because most people don't even know where to start (e.g. what keywords would you even Google? šŸ„ŗ), they never give themselves a chance to even begin the journey.

We created the pop-up workshops as a starting point for everyone to become aware of what's getting in the way of creating deep and meaningful relationships.


Norman's childhood wrestling with feeling a lack of belonging as an artistic, gay Asian child led him to eventually becoming one of the youngest facilitators of Stanford's famous Touchy-Feely class. As someone who studied computer science, design, and education, he loves designing experiences that feel playful, yet practical, and has created programs that have been used by organizations like Facebook, IDEO, Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, and more.


Stephanie has been on a lifelong search for a sense of worthiness, not from an external source like a job, but from an internal one that recognizes her own inherent value and goodness. This led her to create a wellness company that taught people how to design healthier lifestyles by talking through shame, not running away from it. As a mentor to many, she deeply cares for people living fulfilled lives, and has helped hundreds of people seek what they really want within themselves, their careers, and their relationships.


If you're looking to learn a step-by-step system to listen skillfully and confidently express yourself, applications for our flagship course Relating Between the Lines open Wed, 9/1. Premium Experience limited to 16 students. Submit your email to receive a reminder to apply.

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