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Re-learning Childhood Lessons

A friend had recently taken up the piano again after learning as a child, and I was reminded of my childhood piano learning experience. I had quit after passing the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) level 4 exam, and later picked up other instruments such as the saxophone, the ukulele, and the native flute. I play at a basic level for these other forms of music-making, with the pre-conceived notion that piano was just not for me.

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Exporting from Notion to Joplin

I made the switch from using Notion to exploring Joplin, because Notion lacked the ability to access offline. Since I am often spending time outside without internet access, it became quite a pain to not have my various notes and to-do lists handy.

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If You Bought AMZN Stocks Instead

Have you ever wondered, what if I had used the money I spend shopping on Amazon on AMZN stock instead? Here’s a gSheet tool that uses data exported from your Amazon account to calculate AMZN stock price on the day you bought something, how many shares you could have acquired, and how much the shares are worth today:

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