2021 Habit Tweaks

2021 Habit Tweaks

Writing habit tweaks

  • Use Notion to take notes publicly, spend time updating every day
  • Practice deliberate and crisp writing
    • 2021-02-15: I'm practicing a lot because of weekly writing prompts with the Evening Drama crew. But this isn't a good practice for crisp writing because they tend to be first drafts. I'm hoping that writing publicly here will encourage me to improve.

Financial habit tweaks

  • Use bookshop.org instead of Amazon
    • 2021-02-15: not actually helpful because I tend to want e-books these days.
  • Only buy consumables on Amazon, spend money instead on $AMZN fractional shares (or to replace broken things)
    • 2021-02-15: completely failing at this so far 🥴 But a sobering January budget check may keep me on course again...

Diet habit tweaks

An overall decrease in fat and sugar intake to improve blood biomarkers...

  • Eat 🥚🥚 and a serving of vegetables 🥒 for breakfast
    • 2021-02-15: good practice ✅ using egg beaters now because 2 eggs are a bit too high fat for RP
  • Drink soups 🥣 and eat salads 🥗
    • 2021-02-15: turns out, soups make me feel a bit too bloated. Salads are good. ✅
  • Make rice porridge 🍚
    • 2021-02-15: turns out, rice porridge makes me feel a bit too bloated.
  • Make oatmeal for dinner sometimes 🌾
    • 2021-02-15: good practice ✅
  • Eat a sweet potato 🍠 or an orange 🍊 if hungry
    • 2021-02-15: good practice ✅ but got a bit tired of sweet potatoes.
  • Skim off fat and use an oil sprayer 🛢️
    • 2021-02-15: good practice ✅
  • Drink honeyritual superfruit tea nightly before bed instead of dessert 🐝
    • 2021-02-15: my co-founder keeps telling me to stop using up our product 🥴