Just Twitter! Azul Meeting 2021-10-18

Just Twitter! Azul Meeting 2021-10-18

This is the most content rich explanation of the Twitter Game ever!

  • Naz is the speaker (@ThePupofWallSt)
    • Twitter is his tribe (I wonder if my "tribe" is on Twitter? Should I post on other forums? Attendees seem to think yes)
    • Advice: engage with smaller influencers who are on the same playing field
    • Quote yourself in their reply
    • Turn on notifications for tweeting people - be responder number 1
    • Have some base content first though - Simone (@twocentssimone) brought this up
      • Have a pinned tweet!
      • Have 3 thoughtful tweets (retweet yourself)
        • E.g. expound on a thought
    • Tweet several times a day (at least once a day)
    • Weekend has non-timely tweets scheduled
    • Set up Revue (or use Zapier to connect?)
    • Use Lists instead of Following to organize follows
    • Use Tweet Deck to organize tweets
    • Use Tweepsmap to schedule tweets
      • Recycle old good tweets
    • Use Typefully to create tweet threads
    • Use Twitter Analytics later on for further growth to understand who is engaging, what time to tweet, etc.
    • Develop content engine - writing, imagery, engagement
      • Flip between 80/20 of content/engagement engines
    • Include a visual component!!
  • Karena de Souza (@tiltthefuture) - @christin - maybe posting canva gifs with your favourite sayings. that might inspire others, who would want to follow you for the regular inspiration in their lives
  • Mike Newton (@thetealetter) mentions there's a David Perell course on Twitter
    • "Remember David said 50/50 content production vs distribution. The distribution here can be seen as engagement with others (because they’ll check you out and potentially amplify or because you can refer back to your own content in a value-add way)."
    • πŸ’‘

      How can I improve my "distribution" mind game? Ask on Geneva

  • Joojo Ocran (@odomfoneba) says that quantity > quality with Twitter b/c it's hard to predict with Twitter.
    • Naz agrees and says don't overthink it


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