Just Newsletters! Azul Meeting 2021-10-18

Just Newsletters! Azul Meeting 2021-10-18

Speaker: Naz (Pup's Newsletter)

  • Use Revue b/c there's the least resistance to get Twitter β†’ Newsletter conversion
    • <Writer's note: I'm sad b/c there does not appear to be substack integration on Zapier..time to migrate>
      • Danny Oak: I've made a similar thing with substack… it still involves manual work, but I did a Zap from Revue to Google Sheets, and then I copy the contacts from Sheets to Substack...
  • Focus on the content - use polls, questionnaires - as the audience grows, try to understand what they want, review analytics too
  • Content structure is different from Twitter, and contains information that IS NOT publicly shared for exclusivity
  • Naz uses Revue for fintweet audience and Substack for personal.
  • Use linktree (or similar tool) for links if one has multiple newsletters
  • Starting out β†’ test 1-2 platforms and see what gains the most traction.
    • Branch out from the platform after 1-2K followers
    • If content is video β†’ tiktok, likedin
    • If content is picture β†’ Instagram
  • Use Twitter spaces to build community (maybe WOP?)
  • Pre/baby newsletter: optimize name, frequency, tagline, format, process
  • With LinkedIn, lure them in with sentences above the fold, then get them to subscribe to read the rest!
  • Simone shared: Here is the information Christine Carrillo wrote on this topic (Revue + Twitter + Convertkit). Not for everyone, but there are likely helpful nuggets here relevant to our convo. https://write-of-passage.circle.so/c/the-feedback-gym/newsletters-revue-on-twitter-profile-convertkit


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