How to Write an Ebook

How to Write an Ebook

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  • Brain dump everything onto 1 Google Doc
    • Pretend like you are writing to 1 ideal reader
    • Google Doc is also great b/c there’s offline access, easy commenting system, version control



  • Create Table of Contents with sections, move brain dumps to each section
    • Refer to a published book you admire to see what sections you need
  • If the ideas require a certain logical order, group similar ideas, place each idea onto a post-it note (or use Miro) and arrange them
  • Remove any points that do not add to the content, save the points into a separate Google Doc just in case
  • Use Acknowledge, Compare, Reframe Framework for the introduction
  • At this point, seek feedback from friends to see if the structure makes sense

Write Some More

  • Start cranking out words, working one section at a time
  • Add a visual analogy to each point if possible
  • Periodically check if I am following Simone Silverstein’s One-Pager writing guide



  • TBH I had a bit of issue with this last part! Theoretically customers should get an email with a button that links them to the content, but for some reason mine didn’t appear. So I resent another email with a Dropbox link.

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