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Chiwi Journal Podcast


Kia Ora, Nihao and hello! Welcome to the Chiwi Journal Podcast. On the show, I interview global citizens who follow a unique path to build a better future and share stories and tips they learned along the way. Our conversations are focus on cultural observations, technology trends, career development and philosophy.

My guest today is Christin Chong. She is a neuroscientist at heart and enjoys investigating consciousness through the buddhist lens.

Questions List

  • Share a brief introduction about yourself
    • Third culture kid
      • Grew up: in Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia. Learned English when I was about 7 or 8, because I was so behind in the Chinese education system with homework...and my dad thought that an international school would be so much easier!
      • Observe: diverse types of people, and learning to adapt and change who I am quickly as I moved around. Hardships around intercultural conflicts. Family communication issues.
      • Curiosity driven by alienation: Wanting to understand why people are the way they are (and why I am the way I am) as a result.
  • What motivates you to study neuroscience?
    • Why: Wanted to understand what drives the motivation of people, 4 messengers
    • How: Worked in a lab from when I was 17 - apprenticeship and learning how scientific facts are generated
    • What: Fantastic mentor in graduate school - Jiro dreams of Sushi

  • When did you start to learn Buddhism and the connection between Buddhism and neuroscience?
    • Understanding the mind spiritually: further understand how the mind functions through spiritual practice from the Buddhist lens. Hardware vs software
    • Practical and evidence based: Resonates most with me because the Buddha's teachings are incredibly practical and evidence-based. 4X longer than the bible!

  • What's your meditation routine, and what benefits have you get from it?
    • Ajahn Brahm
    • 4 Noble Truths reframed
      • Happiness! :) (Third Noble Truth) - Nirodha - cessation/peace
      • The path leading to happiness! (Fourth Noble Truth) - 8-fold path
      • Unhappiness :( (First Noble Truth) - dissatisfaction
      • The cause of unhappiness (Second Noble Truth) - clinging
    • 8 Fold Path (view, intention, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, stillness) one of which is meditation...
      • Body relaxation first instead of jumping straight to the mind
      • Death contemplation - truly letting go

  • What's Alliance for Bhikkhunis? And what's Theravadan buddhist tradition?
    • 4 fold sangha - support of monastics in the East vs the West
    • Theravada tradition - the "oldest" tradition
    • Monastic women - lineage revival
  • What made you join WoP? What have you learnt so far?
    • Power of writing as a form of modern spiritual practice
      • Thoughts - "Whack a mole" with thoughts vs examining where they are coming from (at appropriate times) - it's hard to lie/hide from yourself with writing
      • Relationships - spiritual friendship (buddha's discussion with Ananda), we are messengers for thoughts and ideas
      • Identity
  • What do you get most excited about the future?

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