Book Notes: Sketch Now, Think Later

Book Notes: Sketch Now, Think Later


Key Points

  • drawing in perspective:
    • anything above the horizon - draw upwards
    • anything below the horizon - draw downwards
  • draw what's closest/most interesting to you first
  • re-instate lines if proportions are off
  • don't cross-hatch, save coloring for later
  • do patches of a pattern, no need to fill out the entire plane
  • draw outer perimeters so viewer can understand overall shape
  • for symmetrical objects, draw only half of it
  • use unusual / non-postcard angles
  • use pure color, mix on the page not the palette
  • use wet on wet instead of glaze, use accidental color mixes on the palette
  • don't color everything, color just the important parts
  • don't color/draw to the edge of the paper
  • always finish a sketch
  • add annotations and little graphics
  • add a date and a logo stamp (and a reward stamp)
  • add people for scale of large objects
  • try line only/sepia tone only for even more minimal effort
  • don’t listen to music (for safety, and to invite conversation with others)
  • always carry a sketchbook, 5 min/day > 1 hour/week

Live Demo


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