Animal Emoji Open-Source Decision Maker

Animal Emoji Open-Source Decision Maker


Status: Polyhedrals currently in print production: 12/22-24 delivery

What is this?

  • A quick 2-hour project that’s a riff off of tarot/magic eight ball/Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies.
  • A 12-sided die with animal emojis for which the user can freely design their own interpretations, to promote new decision-making pathways.

Interpretation document (open-source)

Notes on design choices

  • Chose esthetically pleasing emojis (from the Apple set)
  • Avoided domesticated animals because they may have more preconceived associations
  • Chose animals that have complementary/opposite associations
  • Chose D12 instead of D20 because I’m unsure of available surface area (bleed is already quite large with D12)
  • Chose animals that have more Rickshaw associations like 🐲, 🦊, etc.
  • Chose 🐨 and 🐻 since they are my favorite animals
  • Avoided animals I don’t like such as 🦟
  • Leaned towards animals that are surprisingly included in emoji sets but not frequently used, like 🦧 over 🐡
  • Yuhong picked the 🐣, 🐠, and πŸ¦€